About the Blogger

Mike Gavaghan (mike@gavaghan.org) is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and a Sun Certified Java Architect working as a software consultant based in Dallas, Texas. Although he was writing spaghetti code on a TRS-80 in 1981, his paid career began as a C++ developer in 1992. His C++ background naturally progressed to a fascination with Java in the late 1990’s when he also began honing his skills as an architect and team mentor.

In 2007, following an earlier taste of Microsoft .NET, he jumped into the world of C# with both feet. He has now taken to blogging on his experiences learning this entirely new platform, comparing and contrasting it to Java, and reflecting on the state of the software development field in general.

Over the course of his career, he has supported clients in diverse businesses including financial services, travel, airlines, and telecom. He has consulted at both mammoth enterprises and small startups (and sees merits and problems in both).

Work-related travel to Korea and India were part of the motivation behind his publication End-to-end Internationalization of Web Applications which documents how to tackle the often fragmented web-based technologies supporting global applications.

You may also view his profile on LinkedIn.

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